Assault Android Cactus (Preview Build)

Assault Android Cactus by developer Witch Beam is a multiplayer-oriented dual-stick shooter with some very cool effects and a roster of interesting characters to play as. In addition to some already very chaotic fights, there are even some bullet-hell style moments and a bunch of power-ups and twists to keep players coming back over and over. In the short time I got to play this preview build I already found myself pretty hooked and wished I could play on past the point where the demo ends. This is definitely one to watch for going forward and I recommend you go give them a vote on the game’s Greenlight page which is linked below.

Official Dev Site
Vote on Greenlight

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  1. Moorudel May 30, 2013 at 8:40 am #

    “chain building games” are always a lot of fun xD like the graphics and gameplay xD

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