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Indie Impressions Year 1 Recap

Here it is guys, the indie game ultimate list… a recap of every game I’ve looked at through the last year in 5 second clip form with a link on each clip to the original impressions video I did of it. This is literally a half hour of (often uncommon/strange) indie games in 5 second […]

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Psyched Out (of the Game)?

Call them fanboys, otaku, analysts, armchair pundits, or trolls, they all seem to have one thing in common. They are more than willing to defend the business decisions/shortcomings by their favorite console producers or game publishers at their own expense. Maybe it’s the recent prevalence of the newly established “online pass”, or the long Capcom […]

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Growing Up Geek – 15 game changers, across all media

Growing Up Geek – 15 game changers, across all media I’ve decided to share with you all 15 of the influences I feel helped shape some of what makes me me. I’ve written these in the order with which I encountered them in my life (not by importance), and I feel several of them helped […]

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The Perfect Game*

The Perfect Game* (*user experience may vary)   So, having read and discussed the Sony ToS controversy that says they can no longer be sued, I’ve come to realize that I had absolutely no idea how the law works in the U.S.. I used to think there was a reason that we all followed a […]

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