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Cardinal Quest II (Beta)

Today on Indie Impressions we have a rare guest appearance by friend of the channel Rob a.k.a AlpacaPatrol! Cardinal Quest II is an upcoming rogue-like-like by developer Randomnine. The premise is not all that different from what you might expect from a procedurally generated RPG but everything is remarkably streamlined and generally quite accessible. There’s […]

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Tower Climb (Beta)

In this episode, special guest JSmithOTI ( and I check out Davioware’s “Tower Climb” Beta. It’s an outstanding procedural, retro style game about strategically using your thumbs, wits, and resources to get as high up a fantastically tall tower as possible. Since it’s different every time, you really have to think about each move and […]

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Specter Spelunker Shrinks

Today we’re going to check out a very cool platformer that plays with the concept of scale and time “Specter Spelunker Shrinks” by Ken Grafals takes the idea of perspective to new gameplay heights (and lows :P) by allowing the player to shrink to the size of a grain of sand, or as big as […]

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Dead Wake

Watch out Left 4 Dead, Dead Wake is shambling in for the title of best zombie shooter of all time! Sorry, I should really not beat a dead horse, unless it’s trying to eat my brains… which Dead Wake was most definitely attempting in this episode. I’m still struggling to form coherent sentences since we […]

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Orion: Dino Beatdown

Holy crap dinosaurs… way to celebrate your game launch devs! Please pass this video on to keep more innocent people from spending their money on this.

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Rock of Ages

I know Rock of Ages is a generally older and more mainstream game, but I really wanted to show it off, since I find it very playable and entertaining… and Anza hadn’t seen it in action. A quirky off-beat combination of a tower-defense game and Super Monkey Ball (wtf, right?), Rock of Ages comes together […]

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