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Alex Adventure

One of the strangest indie platformers I’ve run into, so strange in fact, that it helped propel me to start the Indie Impressions series in the first place.  You kind of just have to see it. Get it, play it, holy shit.

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Under The Garden

A very unique and interesting looking survival sim/platformer/action game, Under The Garden is something of a hidden gem I suspect. As far as I’ve seen though, you can’t tape broken bottles to your knuckles… that’s the only downside I’ve found.

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Shoot Many Robots

A quick rundown of some of the pros and cons to “Shoot Many Robots”. In short? Totally worth it. Demiurge Studios has created an outstanding RPG/Platformer/Shooter with some great co-op and robot smashing fun. Throw in all the over the top weapons and bosses and it’s easy to see why you’d want this one.

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