Crystal Catacombs (Beta)

Today I’m very excited to be able to show you a beta build of a game I’ve been anticipating for quite a while! Crystal Catacombs by developer Levels or Lives is a procedurally generated action RPG similar to something like Legend of Dungeon combined with a variety of other core gameplay concepts you might remember from Rogue Legacy, Spelunky, Mega Man, the Castlevania series, and much more. Crystal Catacombs has an outstanding art aesthetic landing somewhere between the 8 and 16 bit retro eras but with a modern level of polish and an equally outstanding soundtrack. We’ll check out a couple of the 5 distinct areas/worlds that you’ll be able to run through in the final version and break down exactly what kind of experience you can expect to have if you pick up a copy when the game releases. Please consider leaving a vote on Greenlight, this game needs to be on Steam! If you’re as excited as I am, feel free to pre-purchase a copy of the game at the link below.

Vote on Greenlight
Pre-purchase from Dev

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  1. Moorudel April 21, 2014 at 10:34 pm #

    Ithink im just done with payed betas and early access crap, give me an enjoyable and finished game and ill buy it xD

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