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Under the Ocean (Alpha)

Under the Ocean is not generally a place you’d like to end up, unfortunately for our bulky protagonist, that is pretty close to how we find him as we begin the sequel to the impressive and mysterious “Under the Garden”. Hanging onto a raft in the pouring rain, you must do what you can to […]

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TRI (Pre-Alpha)

TRI is a very unique environmental/physics puzzler in the vein of Portal – developed by Rat King Entertainment (the guys behind Pitman and The Sun is Deadly). Let’s do a little bit of exploring in this early (pre-alpha) build as we solve puzzles and figure out how to use spell-infused triangular platforms to warp and […]

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Against the Wall (Alpha)

Here is an example of an outstanding and unique puzzle/platformer from a first person perspective. Think Portal, but instead of a portal gun, you just get a staff that lets you pull blocks out of an infinitely high wall (actually think Catherine). Now we climb. What are we looking for? No clue. It’s still interesting […]

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99 Levels to Hell (Alpha)

99 Levels to Hell is an ambitious, dark, rouge-like/dungeon crawler shooter that feels a little bit like The Binding of Isaac meets Spelunky meets Diablo meets Contra (maybe?). I had a blast taking the alpha release for a spin and it’s shaping up to be an outstanding prospect on it’s finished release. I highly urge […]

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