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Feed The Head

Today we’re going to check out Feed The Head – another wonderful and surreal creation by developer VectorPark. What can we feed it and what will be the outcome? This one definitely falls more into the art/experience category than game, but who really cares, it’s interesting and quite beautiful! Try Feed The Head for free […]

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I Contemplated The Sun of Limbo

*SEIZURE WARNING* I Contemplated The Sun of Limbo by developer Evilion (and from LD29) might be one of the most wild games I’ve run into in the Indie Impressions series. We’ll observe as a ball of light seems to orbit two realities that sit up against each other just below the surface of the water. […]

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The Arm

A quick little experimental game by developer Tipp that may or may not be a metaphor for the industrial revolution and is under 10 minutes long. Watch as the arm progresses from simple machinery to something much more sinister that will probably haunt your dreams! Check out The Arm for free at the link below.

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No Escape Saga

No Escape Saga is a very strange, nearly bewildering 3rd person adventure game by developer Cicada Marionette that (to my best estimation) serves as a deconstruction/abstraction of the many, many adventure games that have come before it. It almost exists in a dream-like form where players will only make contact with the reality of their […]

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Time Frame

Time Frame by developer x70x is another entry into the Ludum Dare 27 competition based around the theme “10 Seconds”. It’s a beautiful, ambient, first-person exploration experience centered around the concept of an action that would normally take 10 seconds to play out being stretched to 10 minutes. A haunting, enormous landscape lays before the […]

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Fly Guy

A cute and fun little experience – Fly Guy by Trevor Van Meter is essentially the game version of creative doodle about a man daydreaming while waiting for the bus. We’ll fly up into the clouds, meet some funny characters and just mess around a bit. Check it out for free at the link below.

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Solace is a bullet-hell game by One Man Down (students at the Digipen Institute) that takes you through the stages of grief. Each stage is a bit different from the previous and features some excellent audio design. As players fire their weapons or pick up power-ups they’ll be essentially constructing part of the background music. […]

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Remember that game “_____”? Yeah that one with the missing title… well, today we’re going to play another game by that developer: Rorschach\Larshe. It’s a fairly text-centric game with some 3d exploration elements. It’s definitely on the strange side, but probably not in the way you’re used to in these videos. It’s a game that […]

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Small Worlds

A very cool and atmospheric little exploration game that was suggested by a viewer. Small Worlds by David Shute allows players to construct their own narrative as they wander through and reveal several environments with some light platforming. There is a subtle charm and elegance to the approach here and I hope to find more […]

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The Plan

The Plan by Krillbite Studio is an interesting bit of interactive media that may or may not be rightly classified as a game by formal definitions. The Plan plays out like a piece of interactive poetry with great ambiance, polished graphics, and a good sense of mood as you guide a fly onward and upward […]

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