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No Seat? (Preview Build)

No Seat? by developer Khos Games is an early version of a “trials” style bike game. Players will take the role of a very strange looking man on a bike with no seat and try to navigate a series of trails over many oddly shaped objects. Unfortunately at this point the physics system for the […]

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Oh, what’s this, Notch made a new game? His second commercial game after Minecraft? Well isn’t that intriguing… let’s have a look at this Cliffhorse, shall we?

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The Pit

Today we’re going to have a look at a random little first-person horror game based on the short story by Edgar Allen Poe: The Pit – developed by Parker Blevins. We’ll check out the arcade featuring Call of Duty and Turok cabinets before we head downstairs to confront our fears and possibly run into something […]

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Frost Mint Beach

Today we’re going to have a look at a first-person exploration game called Frost Mint Beach by developer Kroltan. An entry from the Ludum Dare 26 competition with the theme of minimalism, Frost Mint Beach has players exploring a few somewhat mysterious landmarks to try to figure out what is at the center of a […]

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Today we’re going to visit the second experimental game by developer Anothink (who you’ll remember produced Insert Title Here). Unfortunately things don’t really fare much better this time around… but you’ll want to pass judgement for yourself. I feel I may have come across a bit too strident in this episode, so for that I […]

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Don’t Look Now

Here we go into another indie horror game… this one is called Don’t Look Now and features a main gameplay convention of “not looking now” – I’m not even kidding. We’ll navigate a pretty strange pile of geometry with some occasional cool themes (such as the post-it note halls) and be constantly accosted by phantoms […]

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Sacred Line

Here we go again! We’re off to investigate another strange indie horror game… and this one may be the strangest of all: Sacred Line by Sasha Darko. We’re tasked with investigating an abandoned cult facility built over a hidden desert. There will be skeletons, eyeballs, giant spiky people, a piano soaked in blood (?), and […]

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Insert Title Here

Insert Title Here by Anothink is a pretty strange experimental first-person game which attempts to have players put in somewhat uncomfortable or awkward situations to see how they deal with them, while also implying a narrative about voyeurism (which seems very fitting for the meta-style youtube video coverage). All in all, I’m not going to […]

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Illusory Momo

Today on Seizure Warning, we’re going to have a look at Illusory Momo by Malingerer-Z. There’s not a ton to say about this one aside from it being a maze that appears/disappears, and in general it’s actually quite annoying. However, for whatever reason, I felt determined to finish this to see if there was more […]

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Jill of the City

Well, I didn’t want to let up the crazy for too long… so here’s “Jill of the City: in Wrangler Denim and Shoes Enslavement Escape Adventure” developed by John D. Moore. Obviously I had to shorten the title for YouTube, but it is worth seeing it all stretched out like that. This is a platformer […]

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