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Retrograde (Beta)

Today we’re going to check out the beta version of an interesting first-person puzzle game called Retrograde. We’ll gain gravity manipulation powers and delve into amnesia patient’s minds to see if we can reset the memories that caused the blockage. There are some cool things going on in this one and you can check out […]

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Vectagon (Beta)

*SEIZURE WARNING* Today we’re going to check out a beta version of a dexterity driven arcade game called Vectagon by developer Tom Kail. In short it’s the same style of game like Super Hexagon or Boson X where you must fly down a path and try to avoid crashing, but the visuals are very pretty […]

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Bezier (Beta)

*SEIZURE WARNING* Today we’re going to check out the beta of an interesting upcoming twin-stick arcade shooter called Bezier by developer Niine Games. Imagine the chaos and colorful spectacle of Geometry Wars but paired with a permanent RPG-style progression system and a variety of power-ups. Check out the beta version of Bezier for free on […]

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Quantum Rush (Beta)

Developer Game Art Studio is working on an upcoming sci-fi futuristic combat/racer called Quantum Rush and I decided to give it a spin. There’s a bit of a barrier to entry with having to create an account and download a client which has to go through some updates, but the game itself seems pretty solid. […]

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Cavern Kings (Beta)

Today we’re going to have a look at the beta for an upcoming procedurally generated action/shooter called Cavern Kings by developer Vine! Gameplay feels like a hybrid of Risk of Rain and Super Crate Box and I couldn’t ask for much more, I got addicted in about a minute. Best of all you can download […]

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Knockem (Beta)

Knockem by developer Open Dreams Development is a first-person action game where the player must throw balls at falling blocks to keep some in the air and let others fall. Level after level there will be more obstacles added but the premise generally remains the same. Take in some beautiful colorful visuals and keep blocks […]

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Starbound (Beta)

Today I have the privilege to be able to show you my very first few minutes with the beta for the very anticipated new endless 2D sandbox crafting/exploration game Starbound by developer Chucklefish. Please keep in mind this was my very first impressions – I hadn’t played it at all prior to this video. Since […]

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Robot Roller Derby Disco Dodgeball (Beta)

Robot Roller Derby Disco Dodgeball is a very simple but addictive on/offline dodgeball sim by developer Erik Asmussen. Featuring a great soundtrack, bright vibrant colors and a variety of game modes and maps, Disco Dodgeball can keep you playing for far longer than you’d expect despite its simplicity. If you like what you see, grab […]

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Tower of Guns (Beta)

A long overdue episode today – we’re going to have a good look at an awesome FPS/Rogue-like called Tower of Guns by developer Terrible Posture Games. We’ll discover some interesting guns like a sawblade launcher and explore a bunch of randomly generated rooms and dangerous enemies as we crawl through the Tower of Guns to […]

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SpeedRunners (Beta)

One of the most addictive games I’ve played in ages, SpeedRunners by DoubleDutch Games is the ultimate multiplayer competitive platformer. I’ve spent a bunch of time with it and my experience has been ultimately very positive despite the various bugs and glitches that I’d expect since the game is still in beta right now. Run, […]

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