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Check out Seedling, a brand new Zelda style adventure game with some exceptional design, art and audio direction. It has a general theme that I personally find I resonate to very well, so I hope the same goes for some of you. It may not be as “out of left field” as the majority of […]

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Cardinal Quest

Cardinal Quest is a rogue-like dungeon crawler with a very similar feeling to something like Dungeons of Dredmor. The twist though, is that it’s incredibly streamlined and accessible. This would be a great start for anyone who has had a passing interest in playing rouge-likes and just didn’t want to figure out all the stats […]

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Amorphus +

I know I don’t often do flash games, but this is definitely one worth mentioning. I’ve spent a bunch of hours messing around with Amorphus+ and I think you guys should definitely give it a try. It’s surprisingly addictive. I was actually playing it while waiting for this video to upload… :P

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Tower of the Gorillion

Join me for a look at a refreshingly unique solo/co-op puzzle platformer. Your characters (yes, you play as two at once in solo play!) are bound to the foreground and the background respectively. You must do some serious thinking to figure out a way to get both of them through each screen, often playing off […]

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Meat Boy

Yes, it’s really this… the flash sensation that started it all. Hopefully I don’t need to tell you too much about this game, but I figured it was worth showing you anyway. If anything, I did it so we could appreciate just how much the formula was already right in the original.

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Time Fcuk

I’m sorry, but I can’t avoid cursing on this episode. I hope you can forgive me… :P This time we look at a concept that you could call the 2D version of Fez. Time Fcuk is very well done, controls well, and presents an interesting and unique challenge. How do you manipulate two parallel “dimensions” […]

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Tower of Heaven

Tower of Heaven is a delightful, gameboy-esque styled platformer with a lot of rules to follow! It can be very unforgiving, but I generally find – as with Super Meat Boy, the harder the game, the more sense of accomplishment you feel when you finish it. I’m very curious how tall this tower is since […]

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A really strange physics-based puzzle/action game with some really dementedly weird overtones. I can’t honestly figure out it’s sense of humor, but I’m glued to it anyway. Very solid gameplay and a lot to do and master, not to mention if you’re curious, you’ll want to see how this thing progresses. Highly recommended, and it’s […]

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Happy Wheels

This game is just about as addictive as Super Crate Box, and has already become a bit of a YouTube sensation… but I thought I’d take a look with you guys anyway. It’s quite hilarious, but very violent. If you’re not into that kinda stuff, you probably don’t want to watch this.

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