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Amazing Paulsonothon

Today I’ve got something pretty different for you… friend of the channel and indie dev Detocroix is about to release a game coming to a multitude of platforms (and starting on iOS). It’s an accessible, physics-powered axe throwing game called Amazing Paulsonothon. The core of the game revolves around throwing axes quickly and accurately at […]

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Super Amazing Wagon Adventure

There has been a bit of a trend lately of games parodying Oregon Trail and successfully putting a fun and irreverent twist on the formula… I’d say Super Amazing Wagon Adventure by Sparsevector continues the trend handily. Northernlion, JsmithOTI and myself will take up arms to make our way west. We’ll ford streams, get terrible […]

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Today on Indie Impressions we’ll continue to examine some of the more popular horror themed games out there. Our subject today is Erie by Kurt Coppersmith. Trapped in an abandoned facility and armed with only an infinite can of spray-paint you must avoid the shambling abomination chasing you about the tunnels while figuring out how […]

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Dawning by Entropixel is a surreal platformer/adventure about repairing a bridge. Players will enjoy a leisurely stroll through the woods… well, until something kinda creepy shows up and spoils the tranquility. Also, sometimes you might lose your head… I mean literally, it’ll just be gone. We’ll wander about, platform a bit, and pick up some […]

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Today we’re going to visit the second experimental game by developer Anothink (who you’ll remember produced Insert Title Here). Unfortunately things don’t really fare much better this time around… but you’ll want to pass judgement for yourself. I feel I may have come across a bit too strident in this episode, so for that I […]

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Insert Title Here

Insert Title Here by Anothink is a pretty strange experimental first-person game which attempts to have players put in somewhat uncomfortable or awkward situations to see how they deal with them, while also implying a narrative about voyeurism (which seems very fitting for the meta-style youtube video coverage). All in all, I’m not going to […]

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Today we’re going to check out a sort of first-person “haunted house” sim called Paranormal by Matt Cohen. Essentially, you walk around the environment and scary stuff happens… there are a few moments of exposition, but largely the focus here is just to be something like a more “scare-concentrated” Slender style game. Strangely, the character […]

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Paranautical Activity (Beta)

Today we’re going to have a look at the beta version of Paranautical Activity by CodeAvarice – a voxel-based FPS roguelike with some definite Binding of Isaac influences. We’ll have a few trips into the ghost ship and see how deep we can go as we’re assaulted by a variety of demons and other nasties. […]

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Luminesca is a really beautiful, atmospheric, exploration/puzzle game by Matt Glanville. You’ll guide your character through a huge underwater expanse while meeting various creatures and finding your way through obstacles. I got the impression of a fusion of gameplay elements between Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet and Ecco the Dolphin (which are both great things to […]

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A pretty strange and very difficult 3D platformer by developer LuminaCelare. The story focuses on “parenthood gone wrong and dying a lot”, there’s also a mechanic involving collecting bits of light, which in turn makes the level darker. I’m not really sure what to make of it, but I had a very difficult time controlling […]

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