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Catacomb Kids (Alpha)

Today we’re going to have a good look at the Steam Early Access Alpha of Catacomb Kids by developer FourbitFriday. Catacomb Kids is an upcoming procedurally generated action/platformer/rpg that rewards strategic and thoughtful gameplay. It’s filled with unexpected moments of terror and instant death via traps and all manner of monsters. I can’t wait to […]

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The Aurora Wager

Today we’re going to take on the role of a dapper gent interested in getting involved in an air balloon race to the North Poll in The Aurora Wager developed by Martijn Zandvliet, Robin Vink and Michael Manning for the 7DRL Jam in 2013. We have to figure out how to fly and what to […]

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*SEIZURE WARNING* Today we’re going to check out a super-minimalistic rogue-like-like-like called Jet/Lag developed by Svblm. Zip around a randomly generated world and try your best to crash through enemies while not getting run into yourself. There are power-ups and some surprisingly tactical combat to master… how far can you make it? Check out Jet/Lag […]

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Today we’re checking out Cyroad by developer Kenney – designed for the Cyberpunk Jam Game Jam. Fly down the road with increasing speed and avoid obstacles while collecting diamonds to go for the high score! It’s a simple but fun mechanic and Cyroad has good production value to match. Check it out for free at […]

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*SEIZURE WARNING* Today we’re going to have a look at Highlights – another game from game design students at the Vancouver Film School. We’ll play as a neon dragon slaying neon attack Phoenix that have descended on the Great Wall of China! Check out Highlights for free at the link below!

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Vectagon (Beta)

*SEIZURE WARNING* Today we’re going to check out a beta version of a dexterity driven arcade game called Vectagon by developer Tom Kail. In short it’s the same style of game like Super Hexagon or Boson X where you must fly down a path and try to avoid crashing, but the visuals are very pretty […]

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Elysis (Preview Build)

Today we’re going to have a look at an early preview build/demo of Elysis by developer Fervir. Elysis is a top-down action-RPG which plays a lot like an alternate dimension version of Zelda: Link’s Awakening with an updated but still retro graphic style – the main difference being a much larger emphasis on combat and […]

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Mount is a really addictive procedurally generated mountain climbing platformer by developer Luke O’Connor. Enter a name for your mountain and get to climbing! You can stick to any surface as long as your feet touch. It’s quite tricky but also rewarding. Can you make it to the end of a climb session? Check out […]

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*SEIZURE WARNING* SCARY MAZE by developer david_is_neato is a surreal audio-heavy psychedelic first-person maze game. Players will try to find their way through a maze pulsing with colors along to the heavy thumping beat that runs through everything. Enemies will add to the background music and it makes for a very interesting and surprisingly unique […]

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Pasta Master

Pasta Master is a surreal/dadaist pseudo-twin-stick shooter by Jacob Buczynski where your pasta bowl has become a portal to hell and you must summon your magical powers through your top-hat to defeat demons. It’s a surprisingly difficult and fun experience and I highly recommend you check the ceiling tile above the counter on the title […]

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