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A really strange physics-based puzzle/action game with some really dementedly weird overtones. I can’t honestly figure out it’s sense of humor, but I’m glued to it anyway. Very solid gameplay and a lot to do and master, not to mention if you’re curious, you’ll want to see how this thing progresses. Highly recommended, and it’s […]

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LSD: Dream Emulator

It’s a PS1 game and it’s straight from Japan. It allows you to “link” from one part of an abstract scene to another creating a very random and unique progression through the games many lands. Despite the title, drugs are not recommended when playing this game.

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Rock of Ages

I know Rock of Ages is a generally older and more mainstream game, but I really wanted to show it off, since I find it very playable and entertaining… and Anza hadn’t seen it in action. A quirky off-beat combination of a tower-defense game and Super Monkey Ball (wtf, right?), Rock of Ages comes together […]

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Knot-Pharmacard Subcondition J

Full name of this game is: Knot-Pharmacard Subcondition J. So, put that in your pipe and smoke it… oh, maybe you already did. A really strange and psychedelic experience. This one is pretty extreme, a little terrifying… yet somehow, recommended. You control a small ball, and click on other balls. Some of the graphics remind […]

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Miner Distraction

I knew this game would be a brief one, but I I still managed to underestimate just how brief it was. It’s another Ludum Dare project, and as I play, you can actually hear my excitement falling by the minute… I actually beat this game twice in this short video :P

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The quintessential “marriage counseling simulator”. I know I’m quite late to the party on this one after seeing how much of a “cult hit” it is on YouTube… but Facade is something that I simply had to talk about on my channel. I feel like it is kind of a big deal in some ways, […]

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Broken Cave Robot

Another interesting free indie game. This one is created by Matt Thorson, creator of Jumper, Runman, and several other great titles. The premise of this one is that you draw your own map through the winding caverns while picking up character improving power-ups.

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FRACT (Beta)

Ok you guys have to trust me on this one. You NEED to try this. It’s way, way too cool. On top of that, where are all the people talking about this? I only found it because I was actively looking for interesting indie games! Get the word out people, FRACT is crazy awesome art!

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