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Wilbler Park

Today we’re going to check out Wilbler Park by developer Jake Clover. Wilbler Park is a very strange first-person exploration game where we can learn to appreciate some surreal landscapes and pull out little details with our binoculars. I thought it was going to be very simple but after playing a bit there seems to […]

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Greedy Guns (Beta)

Today we’re going to check out the beta version of an upcoming action/platformer/metroidvania game called Greedy Guns by developer Tio Atum. Featuring a great art style and solid gameplay, Greedy Guns is a game I’m definitely going to be playing through once it’s released. I hope you’ll check it out as well! Try the free […]

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Today we’re going to check out Off-Peak by developer Cosmo-D – a surreal exploration game centered around a mysterious and strange train station full of art, oddities and great music. We’ll learn the motivations of a noodle chef, discover the glowing skull and visit a world of mushroom gardens and art galleries. I’m really inspired […]

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The Cabin

Happy Valentine’s Day! To celebrate I thought I’d take you to The Cabin by developers Jacob Vincent and Nicholas Efthimiou – designed for the 2014 7DFPS Game Jam. What started as a romantic getaway (I added the romantic part) quickly turns sinister when you find you’re the only one there and you’re trapped inside! Solve […]

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*STRONG LANGUAGE* Today we’re going to check out Conquest by developer Outlands Games. Essentially we’re being cast as a caretaker in an interplanetary graveyard and can take our time to admire the fallen and learn their stories, or do occasional jobs that crop up from time to time. It’s a very interesting premise and seems […]

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You Are A Fly On Another Planet

Today we’re going to have a look at You Are A Fly On Another Planet by developer Beefstrong. There’s very little to say about this one that isn’t already said in the title… we’re very literally just a fly on another planet living out the mundane life of nearly any other fly on this planet. […]

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Way To Go

Today we’re going to check out Way To Go by developers Vincent Morisset, Philippe Lambert, Edouard Lanctot-Benoit & Caroline Robert. Essentially a magical walk through the woods, we’ll be checking out an entirely new way to see the world with a 360 degree panorama of the woods as they fade away to a cartoon land […]

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Spookie Selfie

Today we’re going to re-enter the realm of spooky, scary skelemen and explore the horrifying graveyard of Spooky Selfie by developer Brenden Gibbons. We’re a skeleton with a smartphone and our only goal is to take the best selfie while doing skeleton things as possible! Check it out at the link below.

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Too Many Doors

Too Many Doors by developer Sebastian Alvarez is a strange first-person exploration/puzzle game featuring – as the title states – far too many doors. Some of them lead nowhere, some of them have a few destinations… let’s see if we can find our way through! Check out Too Many Doors for free in your browser […]

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Today we’re checking out another game from the Global Game Jam 2015. Gray by developer Jovcem is a first person puzzle/platformer/exploration game where players must use stretchy cubes to solve traversal puzzles leading to a lighthouse off in the distance. There’s some positives and some negatives, but all in all I’m glad I took the […]

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