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Lethal League

Lethal League by developer Team Reptile is the premiere projectile-based fighting game featuring a group of eclectic characters and addictive, frenzied gameplay. Best played with a small group of friends I have yet to find anyone who hasn’t enjoyed Lethal League at least a little bit. Check out the game on Steam at the link […]

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The Black Heart

The Black Heart by AndrĂ©s Borghi is a fantastic and free horror/fighting game that anyone who doesn’t mind violence should absolutely play. The developer spent seven years working on this project and yet somehow I’d never heard about it until just recently. I’m really glad I happened to stumble upon it and I certainly hope […]

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Skullgirls by Lab Zero Games is a hardcore, fast-paced, combo-driven 2D fighting game. Featuring a beautiful art style and an outstanding soundtrack, there’s a lot to see and do here. A variety of diverse characters to learn as well as a bunch of ways to play including any combination of 1, 2 or 3 character […]

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Aces Wild

Aces Wild: Manic Brawling Action by Culture Attack Studio is a super fast and way over-the-top action/brawler whose goal is to test the reactions of the player and execute some awesome ninja style fight sequences. Featuring great art, music and plenty of fast paced gameplay (with three playable characters) there’s plenty to see and do […]

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Megabyte Punch

A really interesting game that has gotten way too little press in my opinion… Megabyte Punch by Reptile Games is a customizable fighter/adventure where you steal parts from fallen enemies to further improve/modify your character. It features tons of customization options, destructible environments and Super Smash Bros. style boss fights. There’s even a tournament mode […]

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Overgrowth (Alpha)

At long last we’ll finally get to take a tour of the very popular bunny-man physics sandbox combat adventure known as Overgrowth by Wolfire Games. Still in alpha, we’ll have a look at the features that are currently available and some of the pros and cons to the game as it stands in it’s current […]

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Beast Boxing Turbo

Beast Boxing Turbo is an “Artfully designed first-person boxing game where you punch a turkey in the face.” by Goodhustle Studios, Inc. That quote was taken from their website so don’t worry, I’m not just making that part up despite not reaching the turkey in the video! Super smooth gameplay & controls, a great art […]

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Abobo’s Big Adventure

Here’s one that I really should have covered ages ago, but held off for various reasons: Abobo’s Big Adventure by Team Bobo… and it is big indeed. Dubbed “The Ultimate Tribute to the NES” – I can’t say I disagree. This game definitely fulfills the required reference quota to be called ultimate in my eyes. […]

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Carny Death Peddlers

Today we’re going to have a look at Carny Death Peddlers by Adam Domurad and art by Clay Bullard. A retro style Beat Em’ Up in the vein of Double Dragon or Streets of Rage, but with a slightly Halloween-flavored twist. Although the gameplay was somewhat average, the art was very well done and the […]

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Rumble Box

A very interesting 3d beat em’ up: Rumble Box, by the students of Digipen tasks players with defeating enough enemies to literally ascend their dismembered body parts to climb the walls and leave the arena you’re stuck inside. Somehow this is presented in a comical and fun fashion even though the door is wide open […]

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