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Syder Arcade

A schmup with double the amount of directions you can face than usual! Lots of beautiful art, but pretty average (and incredibly punishing) gameplay define Studio Evil’s Syder Arcade. You’ll fly in space, you’ll shoot, you’ll get points… it’s pretty.

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Today we look at a voxel based 3D adaptation of the Space Invaders formula: Voxeliens. Of course, there are some neat twists like destructible terrain and power-ups. Have a look, try the demo, and if you like it, pick it up! It’s only four dollars. I had a pretty good time with the game, and […]

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Will Fight for Food

A pretty cool and generally unexpected experience! Punch or talk to anyone while finding your way through the NPC filled environment of Will Fight for Food. Is it a beat em’ up? Is it an RPG? Maybe a little of both, but you decide in the end.

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FRACT (Beta)

Ok you guys have to trust me on this one. You NEED to try this. It’s way, way too cool. On top of that, where are all the people talking about this? I only found it because I was actively looking for interesting indie games! Get the word out people, FRACT is crazy awesome art!

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