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Rolling Sun (Alpha)

Today we’re going to check out an alpha version of an upcoming marble/physics game called Rolling Sun. Players will do their best to navigate wooden bridges, ruins and other physics powered obstacles while observing some beautiful vistas in the background. Check out Rolling Sun at the links below!

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Momentum (Preview Build)

Today we’re going to have a look at an early preview build of a marble game called Momentum by developer Projectile Entertainment. The game has some great production values and looks really lovely but I feel like it falls a little short on the controls at times – however, I think it’s quite promising and […]

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Marble Incline

Marble Incline is a small game designed by developer Sylver’s Edge from the 2014 #lowresjam. Essentially it’s a marble rolling “maze” rendered in 32×32 resolution. It’s quite a strange feeling being able to see so little to either side of your marble, but I found it interesting regardless. Check out Marble Incline for free at […]

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Rolling Madness 3D

Developer Luca Elia has created a fully 3D version of one of my favorite games from the late 80′s & early 90′s – Marble Madness! The game is a remarkable recreation of the style and gameplay I remember from the original. It’s a very simple premise, race your marble through the obstacles as quickly as […]

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Roll The Ball 3D (Alpha)

Today we’re gonna go for a roll with the alpha version of a simple marble game called Roll The Ball 3D by developer FreaXator. We’ll grab some coins and do our best not to fall from the landscape down into the body of water waiting beneath. Check it out for free in your browser at […]

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Beautiful Prison

Beautiful Prison is a really pretty simple exploration/puzzle game designed by Adam Thompson for the 48 hour Global Game Jam 2014. We’ll be rolling a ball through a series of beautiful environments and hitting a few switches on our way forward and out of this Beautiful Prison.

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Lost Marbles

Today we’re going to have a look at Lost Marbles by developer Binary Takeover. An interesting fusion between a time trial oriented marble race game and a puzzle/platformer, players will have to use their marbles and their special abilities in conjunction with each other to effectively traverse a wide variety of obstacles. A great soundtrack […]

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The Big Sea

Look what I found on Nifflas’ Games! The Big Sea is a super hard marble/physics game designed in just 48 hours by Jakob Kjær-Galle and Nicklas Nygren… and unfortunately it looks like I wasn’t really up to the task based on the difficulty. Great atmosphere, some interesting level design and artistry definitely seemed to carry […]

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Night Sky

I feel like I’ve played a game before where you control a ball and solve platforming puzzles… I’m probably just imagining it. Anyway, Night Sky, by Nicklas Nygren is a puzzle platformer/physics game about getting from point A to point B… but as usual, it’s never as simple as it sounds. Check out the first […]

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A really strange physics-based puzzle/action game with some really dementedly weird overtones. I can’t honestly figure out it’s sense of humor, but I’m glued to it anyway. Very solid gameplay and a lot to do and master, not to mention if you’re curious, you’ll want to see how this thing progresses. Highly recommended, and it’s […]

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