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Cloudberry Kingdom (Beta)

Hey guys, you know how Super Meat Boy pretty much revived the 2D platformer scene on PC? Well, I’d wager that Cloudberry Kingdom by Pwnee Studios would already be capable of doing that again! Due in no small part to the incredible AI driven, endless level creation system, I think I’m going to be playing […]

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Gateways (Beta)

Let’s pretend we don’t know about that weird ol’ third dimension for a second, ok? Now that we’ve done that, let’s sit down and play some Port… erm, Gateways by Smudged Cat Games (aww). This indie title is further proof that you can pretty much make any concept have new legs by adding Metroidvania style […]

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DeadEnd: Cerebral Vortex

I know this doesn’t happen too often on this channel… but I think I have to tell the developer: Membranos, they’ve lost me. Billed as a first person surreal puzzle game and featured in an Indie Gala Bundle, I guess I had some high hopes… unfortunately, what I mostly got out of the game was […]

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A Virus Named Tom

A rather charming puzzle game that you should know about. A Virus Named Tom by Misfits Attic, is about spreading a virus you made (Tom) through the products of a company who fired you for becoming an evil genius. I love the premise and the developers sense of humor, I really enjoy the presentation, and […]

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Dinos in Space

Everything in my life feels like a puzzle this week, and somehow seems to revolve around dinosaurs, so I couldn’t think of a more fitting game to look at tonight then “Dinos In Space”, a puzzle game by John Saba. In my opinion, it’s very hard, but seems interesting and a bit cute in its […]

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Tiny Plumbers (Beta)

Tiny Plumbers. It’s got a beautiful 4-bit aesthetic with some modern flourishes, catchy as hell music, a cute, smart and satirical presentation, multiplayer, a level editor, solid platforming… and it’s procedurally generated. What more could you possibly want?!

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Today we look at a voxel based 3D adaptation of the Space Invaders formula: Voxeliens. Of course, there are some neat twists like destructible terrain and power-ups. Have a look, try the demo, and if you like it, pick it up! It’s only four dollars. I had a pretty good time with the game, and […]

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