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I Am Bread (Preview Build)

Today we’re going to have a look at the Steam Early Access version of I Am Bread by developer Bossa Studios. This is a game about controlling a physics-powered slice of bread as you guide it through all manner of obstacles in trying to reach the toaster. The more time you spend on the floor, […]

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Where Is My Hammer

Today we’re going to check out Where Is My Hammer by developer TocoGames – designed for the GameJolt “Indies vs. Pewdiepie” game jam. How much physics-enabled destruction do you think UE4 is capable of displaying? You might be surprised by the results! Check out Where Is My Hammer for free at the link below.

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Musical Stacks (Preview Build)

More of an interactive digital toy than a game, Musical Stacks by developer Clyde is a 3D physics-based music sequencer. We’ll talk about the implications of that idea and mess around with a variety of stacks. It’s a VERY cool idea and I really hope it gets developed into something much more robust in the […]

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Momentum (Preview Build)

Today we’re going to have a look at an early preview build of a marble game called Momentum by developer Projectile Entertainment. The game has some great production values and looks really lovely but I feel like it falls a little short on the controls at times – however, I think it’s quite promising and […]

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The Fastest Skeleton

The Fastest Skeleton by developer Taylor Bai-Woo / From Smiling is a physics-powered skeleton tower climbing simulator. It’s spooky and I know it was designed for Halloween, but why should I have to pick just ONE spooky game to cover? Let’s see how quickly we can get these old bones up to the exit. Check […]

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Pudgy Platypus has created a fun little 2d golf game called PixelGolf for the “12 games in 12 weeks” challenge. We’ll take it for a spin and break down why I think it’s such a good idea. See if you can break my record by trying the game for free in your browser at the […]

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Goofball Goals

Today we’re going to try Goofball Goals by developer Gravity Sensation – a physics powered silly soccer game. Players can barely even walk let alone play an athletic game… let’s see how that all works out, shall we?

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Tea Party Simulator 2014 (Preview Build)

Today we’re going to give an early build of Tea Party Simulator 2014 by developer Power Up To Maximum a spin. Yes, it’s rather similar to the sub-genre conventions seemingly codified by Surgeon Sim but it has a few of it’s own quirks and charms that I feel make it worth giving it a try. […]

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Today we’re going to check out a quirky and charming QWOP-like game from the LD30 competition with the theme “Connected Worlds” called Antbassador by developers Kevin Zuhn, Kevin Geisler, Chris Stallman and Devon Scott-Tunkin. Our tiny finger-man will meet with the queen of an ant society and solve a variety of problems on the way […]

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Levers is another wonderful and curious toy/game by developer Vectorpark. We’ll do our best to balance a variety of surreal objects over the ocean so we can get more objects to balance over the ocean. This game will make you think in ways you probably didn’t expect and I highly recommend having a look at […]

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