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Owls Ever After

Today we’re going to check out a delightful little story about a family of owls called Owls Ever After by developers Mike and Tanya Mezhenin. We’ll tune through a radio dial where each notch represents one New Year’s memory – and we’ll try to set our memories right so the whole story is revealed. It’s […]

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Gods Will Be Watching

Recommended to me by Northernlion – Gods Will Be Watching by Deconstructeam (designed for Ludum Dare 26) is a really imaginative take on an event driven game combined with the essence of a point-and-click adventure. As players we’ll need to manage the needs of our specialized team while we try to repair our radio in […]

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The Apartment

Today we’re going to have a look at The Apartment by Christopher ‘Jack’ Nilssen. An experiment in first-person narrative, The Apartment tasks players with making decisions about how or if they choose to interact with their surroundings to build a story around a character who isn’t able to volunteer any of his personal information himself. […]

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Hypothermia is a neat little bite-sized point-and-click adventure game with an experiential element. Created by Jake Albano for the Experimental Gameplay Challenge, Hypothermia will have players quickly clicking through their objectives making a little more progress each time before they find themselves freezing to death. The concept comes together nicely and I’d love to see […]

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The White Chamber

Check out this very dark sci-fi point-and-click horror adventure by Studio Trophis! The White Chamber has your character waking up in a neon coffin aboard some form of space vessel… your job as player (as always it seems) is to figure out why you’re here, where you really are, and why the walls are coated […]

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Gorogoa (Preview Build)

Gorogoa by Jason Roberts is one of the very rare games that I’d strongly suggest that you only watch the beginning of the video before downloading it, then come back if you’d like to hear the rest of my opinions on it. I don’t want to spoil the amazingly unique puzzles and beautiful artwork contained […]

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Not often on Indie Impressions do we cover games/experiences that are fundamentally “cooperative” in nature, but this is a bit of a special case. PlayPen by Farbs is a collaborative space where people can create still image based worlds that branch off of each other and can lead to just about anything, inane or meaningful. […]

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