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7 Meditations

This is it! Today is the 1,000th consecutive episode of Indie Impressions! Today we’re going to have a look at 7 Meditations by developer Nifflas’ Games – an ethereal hang-gliding game of sorts. I’ve never seen anything exactly like it and I’m quite mesmerized by it! We’ll explore a strange environment and do our best […]

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Cautious V

*SEIZURE WARNING* Cautious V by developer Beefstrong is an insane little adventure game that I can’t quite figure out the story of… but that’s ok! We’ll start off in a car, end up taking some drugs, flush ourselves down a toilet and play some football with rats. It’s really quite the gameplay melting-pot. Cautious V […]

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Quantum Rush (Beta)

Developer Game Art Studio is working on an upcoming sci-fi futuristic combat/racer called Quantum Rush and I decided to give it a spin. There’s a bit of a barrier to entry with having to create an account and download a client which has to go through some updates, but the game itself seems pretty solid. […]

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Next Car Game (Pre-Alpha)

Today we’ll get a good look at the upcoming soft-body physics modeled racing game by Bugbear Entertainment. We will smash many a car in this look at a variety of the activities you can engage in in the early-access version of the game. My opinions are largely very positive on this one and I definitely […]

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Permutation Racer

Permutation Racer is a quite elegant procedurally generated sci-fi racer by the developer of Sir, You Are Being Hunted – Big Robot. We’ll collect orbs and speed through canyons while we try to use the boost to get through. Permutation Racer is a surprisingly solid game for an experiment/prototype and is definitely worth a look, […]

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Spintires (Preview)

The ultimate “drive through mud and gross stuff” simulation – today we’re going to have a close look at the tech demo for Spintires by Oovee Game Studios and drive through all kinds of stuff. The tech demo is still quite early on and we’re not doing any actual racing yet, but it shows a […]

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SpeedRunners (Beta)

One of the most addictive games I’ve played in ages, SpeedRunners by DoubleDutch Games is the ultimate multiplayer competitive platformer. I’ve spent a bunch of time with it and my experience has been ultimately very positive despite the various bugs and glitches that I’d expect since the game is still in beta right now. Run, […]

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Sanicball (Alpha)

Sanic is back and he’s faster (and rounder) than ever before! Eat a chilli dog and hang with Knackles and the whole gang as we go for a spin around Green Hill Island in a race you’ll never forget. The message behind Sanicball by developer BK-TN: gotta go fast or you’ll get left behind – […]

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BeamNG Drive

Today we’re going to look at an outstanding racing/physics engine/game with a ton of promise. BeamNG.Drive by developer BeamNG will allow you to smash cars with such a detailed level of damage modeling you may find yourself playing with it for hours… and this is only the alpha version! Try the free tech demo at […]

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Bubblin! by developer Saharan is a 2D graphically vector-based java game about controlling a somewhat amorphous blob of jelly who wants only to collect stardust while quickly racing toward the exit of each level. The general premise reminds me of something like a time trial based LocoRoco with the addition of some kinda rough controls. […]

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