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Today we’re going to have a look at Entomophobia by developer Scott Slucher – a top-down wave based shooter designed for LD 31 with the theme “Entire Game on One Screen”. Featuring a unique presentation and some very fun gameplay, I have had no problem playing through this short game about 4 times now. I’d […]

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Developed for the #NESjam game jam, CastleMania by developer Zombiesaurus Games is a really well done short-form action/platformer that pays homage to the NES Castlevania series. Take on hoards of zombies and difficult jumps as you make your way to the boss! Check out CastleMania for free in your browser at the link below.

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Jumping n’ Jumping

Today we’re going to check out another Ludum Dare 31 entry: Jumping n’ Jumping by developer Eduardo. It’s a very simple and addictive platformer where you try to collect crystals for a high score – Super Crate Box style. As you progress, a series of obstacles spring up around you. Keep at it and see […]

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There Was A Caveman (Alpha)

Today we’re going to check out the alpha version of an upcoming action/platformer called There Was A Caveman by developer aamatniekss. Our caveman has a surprising suite of abilities including a double jump and dash as well as throw and attack… we’ll run into a variety of enemies and pick-ups as well as even extend […]

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Super Skeleman

Today we’re going to check out Super Skeleman by developer Ben Allen – a shortform 2D pseudo-metroidvania platformer. This isn’t a particularly spooky game but of course skelemen make it at least a LITTLE. You’re gonna have a fun time with this one… the soundtrack is outstanding too. Check out Super Skeleman for free at […]

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Environmental Station Alpha (Preview Build)

Today we’re going to check out a preview version of upcoming metroidvania-style action/platformer Environmental Station Alpha by developer Hempuli. We’ll explore a massive abandoned space station and look for what caused it to shut down as well as try to find any power-ups and equipment we can. There are a lot of parallels to Super […]

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Temper by Lonely Troll Productions is an NES style platformer about managing the release of your inner demons. Every so often you must let out your rage and how you do it is critical to your survival! Check out Temper for free in your browser at the link below.

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Elysis (Preview Build)

Today we’re going to have a look at an early preview build/demo of Elysis by developer Fervir. Elysis is a top-down action-RPG which plays a lot like an alternate dimension version of Zelda: Link’s Awakening with an updated but still retro graphic style – the main difference being a much larger emphasis on combat and […]

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The Valley Rule

The Valley Rule is probably one of the most playable and complete feeling LD games I’ve played so far in my journey through them. Designed by Ryan Carag with music and sound by Bill Kiley, The Valley Rule was made for the LD29 competition with the theme “Beneath the Surface” in just 72 hours. Explore […]

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Astrovoid by developer Lokijki is a simple but very fun score-attack style shooter. Pilot your astronaut and fly about using your jetpack to kill aliens or demons or whatever they are and go for the high score! Play Astrovoid for free in your browser at the link below!

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