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War of the Human Tanks

Today is a very interesting and odd episode of Indie Impressions… “War of the Human Tanks” by Fruitbat Factory is an anime-flavored visual novel / strategy game which steps pretty far out of my comfort zone as far as games in this series go. I have a lot of criticisms on this one, but please […]

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Treasure Adventure Game

Please forgive the overly loud music in the mix… today we’re looking at Treasure Adventure Game by Robit Studios, a definite labor of love and a significant contribution to the indie adventure games realm. It reminds me a little bit of a cross between Terraria and The Legend of Zelda Windwaker… meet NPCs, search for […]

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Dark Scavenger

A surprisingly deep and replayable adventure RPG with some cool sci-fi themes, Dark Scavenger by Psydra Games was a really pleasant find! Create a character through your actions instead of just the usual stat sheets, meet lots of interesting NPCs, and shape the types of items and company your character keeps through your decisions – […]

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DLC Quest

A very snarky and well written piece of game industry satire, DLC Quest is a game that gamers of all stripes need to be exposed to. The goal was: create a structured action/platformer around the slippery-slope argument surrounding the over-saturation of DLC in the current gaming marketplace. If that doesn’t make much sense to you, […]

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Check out Seedling, a brand new Zelda style adventure game with some exceptional design, art and audio direction. It has a general theme that I personally find I resonate to very well, so I hope the same goes for some of you. It may not be as “out of left field” as the majority of […]

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Cardinal Quest

Cardinal Quest is a rogue-like dungeon crawler with a very similar feeling to something like Dungeons of Dredmor. The twist though, is that it’s incredibly streamlined and accessible. This would be a great start for anyone who has had a passing interest in playing rouge-likes and just didn’t want to figure out all the stats […]

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In my opinion, pretty much the best dungeon crawling, loot grinding, hack n’ slashing time you can have aside from maybe Diablo 2. I’m sure not a ton needs to be said about this game, but if anyone out there still hasn’t played this, it’s still not too late. Heed my warning, Runic Games’ Torchlight […]

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Orcs Must Die!

I think anyone who’s ever played Alliance knows this already, but Orcs Must Die! It’s just the way it is. I’ve never quite figured out why they’re so angry, but then again, I’ve never asked… I’ve mostly sliced, shot, spiked and burned the majority of the ones I’ve run into. Feel free to keep the […]

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Will Fight for Food

A pretty cool and generally unexpected experience! Punch or talk to anyone while finding your way through the NPC filled environment of Will Fight for Food. Is it a beat em’ up? Is it an RPG? Maybe a little of both, but you decide in the end.

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Shoot Many Robots

A quick rundown of some of the pros and cons to “Shoot Many Robots”. In short? Totally worth it. Demiurge Studios has created an outstanding RPG/Platformer/Shooter with some great co-op and robot smashing fun. Throw in all the over the top weapons and bosses and it’s easy to see why you’d want this one.

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