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Zero Cross

*SEIZURE WARNING* Zero Cross by developer Christopher Emirzian is a top-down arena-based bullet-hell sci-fi shooter with a lot of great gameplay and a good dose of nostalgia. Dodge ships, bullets and aliens while trying to complete level objectives in an increasingly difficult series of challenges. There’s something for people of every skill level here so […]

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Zero is a fairly simple bullet-hell style game by developer Artūrs Grebstelis. Players will navigate a series of increasingly difficult patterns made of letters and shot by ascii art enemies. Survive with the least amount of deaths you can! Grab Zero for free at the link below.

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Solace is a bullet-hell game by One Man Down (students at the Digipen Institute) that takes you through the stages of grief. Each stage is a bit different from the previous and features some excellent audio design. As players fire their weapons or pick up power-ups they’ll be essentially constructing part of the background music. […]

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A pseudo-medical/horror based RPG side-scrolling shooter… Prognosis by Hausplant is definitely a bit on the strange side, but that’s what we like here on Indie Impressions. This game is definitely on the difficult side, but I get the impression that it’s quite beatable, I just might not be the right guy to pull it off. […]

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Leave Home

An interesting and very visually abstract, randomized and bite-sized shooter, Leave Home brings a new twist to the genre by allowing you to split shots over the back of the ship with a careful squeeze of the 360 controller trigger. Hold it just right and you can line up shots at very strange angles… mastering […]

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Another gem from developer Locomalito, and a generally well done and entertaining (if not quite challenging) side-scrolling space shooter. Excellent music, animation and gameplay underscore a journey to get better little by little, just like in the old days. Do you have what it takes to finish it?

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Syder Arcade

A schmup with double the amount of directions you can face than usual! Lots of beautiful art, but pretty average (and incredibly punishing) gameplay define Studio Evil’s Syder Arcade. You’ll fly in space, you’ll shoot, you’ll get points… it’s pretty.

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Everyday Shooter

Is it a music album? Is it a twin-stick shooter? Is it a work of abstract art? Yes, to all of the above. Everyday Shooter by Queasy Games / Johnathan Mak is just as captivating and addictive as it is confusing. It brings a lot to the genre without being too overbearing in it’s play […]

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Really Big Sky

Hallucinogenic, beautiful, LSD fueled twin-stick shooter from hell. Really Big Sky will keep you guessing and most likely smash you into an asteroid in the process. You get a drill, you get some lasers, you get lots of flashing colors, add some pumping techno, then you randomize EVERYTHING and you’ve got Really Big Sky. Give […]

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