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Everyday Shooter

Is it a music album? Is it a twin-stick shooter? Is it a work of abstract art? Yes, to all of the above. Everyday Shooter by Queasy Games / Johnathan Mak is just as captivating and addictive as it is confusing. It brings a lot to the genre without being too overbearing in it’s play […]

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Bit.Trip Runner

A proud member of the Bit.Trip series which started on the Wii, this one by Gaijin Games is virtually an 8-bit parkour simulator. Well, kinda anyway. Move to the right and get dat GOLD. Jump the stuff, kick the other stuff, then sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide. Starring Commander Video.

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Really Big Sky

Hallucinogenic, beautiful, LSD fueled twin-stick shooter from hell. Really Big Sky will keep you guessing and most likely smash you into an asteroid in the process. You get a drill, you get some lasers, you get lots of flashing colors, add some pumping techno, then you randomize EVERYTHING and you’ve got Really Big Sky. Give […]

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A Virus Named Tom

A rather charming puzzle game that you should know about. A Virus Named Tom by Misfits Attic, is about spreading a virus you made (Tom) through the products of a company who fired you for becoming an evil genius. I love the premise and the developers sense of humor, I really enjoy the presentation, and […]

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A wonderful physics based action/platformer by the studio Two Tribes. It seems like they pretty much did everything right with this game, I have very little to criticize. The music, the art, the quirky sense of discovery, it’s all there. You owe it to yourself to give this one a try. Check it out on […]

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Orion: Dino Beatdown

Holy crap dinosaurs… way to celebrate your game launch devs! Please pass this video on to keep more innocent people from spending their money on this.

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A Valley Without Wind

Do you like your metroidvania games so much you wish they would never end? Well, here you go… A Valley Without Wind is your incredibly ambitious answer.

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Rock of Ages

I know Rock of Ages is a generally older and more mainstream game, but I really wanted to show it off, since I find it very playable and entertaining… and Anza hadn’t seen it in action. A quirky off-beat combination of a tower-defense game and Super Monkey Ball (wtf, right?), Rock of Ages comes together […]

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Shoot Many Robots

A quick rundown of some of the pros and cons to “Shoot Many Robots”. In short? Totally worth it. Demiurge Studios has created an outstanding RPG/Platformer/Shooter with some great co-op and robot smashing fun. Throw in all the over the top weapons and bosses and it’s easy to see why you’d want this one.

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