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Today we’re going to check out a short but interesting little iterative game (think Cookie Clicker) about managing your resources to build a pyramid in under 6 minutes! Pyramid was created by developers PixelSpill for the #GodJamIt Game Jam. Check it out for free at the link below!

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Earth Tongue

Today we’re doing a revisit of a release version of Eric Hermit’s vivarium simulator “Earth Tongue” (ver. 1.12 specifically). We’ll see how things have progressed since the pre-release version I took a look at and speculate about how a community could spring up around this very unique title. Check it out for yourself and leave […]

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Among Ripples

Today we’re going to check out a little life-sim / strategy game about managing the ecosystem of a pond called Among Ripples by developer Eat Create Sleep. We can introduce new life to the environment and see what impact it has as well as adjust the oxygen levels in the water. It’s a very cool […]

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You Never Call

You Never Call by developers David Selassie and Nathan Hinchey with art by Cosmo Ray and Helen Ip is a simple but interesting puzzle game from the Ludum Dare 30 gamejam featuring the theme “Connected Worlds”. The premise is that your family has been separated by forces unknown and each turn you have one less […]

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Fort Meow (Alpha)

Fort Meow by developer Rhys Davies is a cute and accessible game where the player takes the role of a little girl trying to read the journal of her late grandfather – however she’s always being interrupted by cats! The game plays out a little like Angry Birds in reverse and features some great levels […]

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Crest (Preview Build)

Crest by developer Eat Create Sleep is a “god-game” mixed with a good degree of strategy. Players will control their randomly generated people through issuing commandments to address one or more concepts and what the NPCs do next will be up to them… they can choose to follow or ignore, and in turn several factions […]

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Grow (Pre-Alpha)

Today we’re going to check out a very early version of an upcoming garden simulation called Grow by developer Rijnswand. Grow was created for the Game Jolt “Peace, Love and Jam” competition. Players will guide around an alien looking creature who will plant seeds around a desolate area to make wilderness for its offspring. Check […]

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Drill18: The Mars Project

Today we’re checking out a cool little Mars drilling sim called Drill18: The Mars Project by developer and YouTuber Quill18. We’ll set up a small facility and try to keep all our workers happy while they expand operations toward trying to reach the solid diamond core of Mars. It’s a very well done game and […]

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Coin Crypt (Beta)

You’ll have to forgive how long it’s taken for me to finally get to playing Coin Crypt by Dumb and Fat Games, but I’ve finally gotten around to it and I’m very pleasantly surprised! Imagine a procedurally generated dungeon crawl where the nearly the only items you pick up double as your weapons, healing items […]

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Lexicopolis: A-B-City

Lexicopolis: A-B-City is a fantastic simple strategy/city-builder game by developer Vampirewalrus that feels like a hybrid of old school Sim City, Scribblenauts, and Scrabble. Players will harvest letters from the world by building any structure they can think of with the letters they currently have… and amazingly there is a sprite for pretty much every […]

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