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No-One Has To Die

A very interesting and unique puzzle/visual novel style game by developer StuStutheBlue. Players will solve simple puzzles about containing a spreading fire and have to make difficult decisions about who will live and who will die – and each decision will shape the story going forward. Definitely recommended!

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Seed by developer Deadlypear is a simple but entertaining game from Ludum Dare 28 with the theme of You Only Get One. The goal here is to choose the best soil tile on the grid to plant your seed in and take over the board with flowers instead of weeds in the fewest turns. There […]

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Bit Battles

Bit Battles by developer BoardingParty is an extremely fun and accessible action/strategy game with charming pixel graphics and some really fun progression and unlock mechanics. Players will take charge of three separate armies (Knights, Spearmen and Wizards) and attempt to hold back the forces of evil by pushing them back to their spawn point in […]

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Cook, Serve, Delicious!

Cook, Serve, Delicious! by developer Vertigo Gaming is an outstanding sim which allows players to build up a restaurant from the ground up while micro-managing every food item that is served down to actually physically preparing each one. It’s a frantic battle to stay in control, but the more you play, they better you’ll get […]

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Cookie Clicker

I’m so sorry, say goodbye to all your time… Cookie Clicker is your new life now. How many cookies can you get? Only time will tell, only time will tell.

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Cannon Brawl (Alpha)

Cannon Brawl by Turtle Sandbox is a hybrid action/strategy game that’s very easy to pick up and play, but very deep and intelligent. I spent some time with it and I have to say it’s extremely fun and addictive with tons of solo missions to play, weapons and characters to unlock, and a terrific multiplayer […]

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Cubetractor by developer Ludochip is a pretty difficult game to put your finger on exactly what genre or gameplay style it falls into but my best estimation puts it somewhere between action and puzzle with a little taste of strategy and pseudo tower-defense. Featuring a great 16 bit graphical aesthetic and an excellent soundtrack there’s […]

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Sanctum 2

A very unique hybrid of tower defense and sci-fi first-person shooter – Sanctum 2 by Coffee Stain Studios had me hooked in just a few minutes. With several classes to play as, a good number of upgrades, a leveling system, online integration, and plenty of opportunities to challenge yourself for extra XP (with something like […]

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Cubemen 2

Today we’re going to check out Cubemen 2 by Three Sprockets, a 3D RTS with some Tower Defense leanings. I went through a few of the earlier missions and my impressions were generally all quite favorable. This is a great way for people who don’t play a lot of strategy oriented games (or those intimidated […]

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FTL: Faster Than Light

Only nearly half a year late to the party, let’s have a look at the event driven, space sim/roguelike indie hit FTL by Matthew Davis and Justin Ma. I was initially apprehensive about trying FTL because I had a feeling it would be too complicated or inaccessible, but I was very happy to be wrong […]

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