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Ethereon (Preview Build)

Today we’re checking out an early preview version of an upcoming game called Ethereon by developer InnervisionVR. Ethereon is a first-person puzzle adventure developed by one of the developers behind Riven – the sequel to the influential game Myst. We’ll wander around an enigmatic environment and see what we can do to put together the […]

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Momentum (Preview Build)

Today we’re going to have a look at an early preview build of a marble game called Momentum by developer Projectile Entertainment. The game has some great production values and looks really lovely but I feel like it falls a little short on the controls at times – however, I think it’s quite promising and […]

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Grave (Preview Build)

Today we’re going to check out an early version of a pretty promising first-person procedurally generated survival horror game called Grave by developer Broken Window Studios. Players will fight of an assortment of demonic entities using various light sources while exploring a randomly configured environment with a proper day/night cycle. I was pretty impressed with […]

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ReLive (Pre-Alpha)

ReLive is an upcoming first-person survival horror game by developer Inactive Pixel Studios. Today we’re going to have a look at a very early (pre-alpha) demo that was put out to give the general flavor of what we could expect. We’ll run through what is on offer. Check out the demo of ReLive yourself for […]

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Wooden Floor (Preview Build)

Today we’re going to have a look at an early version of an upcoming horror game called Wooden Floor by developer Pheenix93. The environment will change in unexpected ways and mislead the player as they get further into this labyrinth of a building. Check out the demo at the link below!

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Lost Marbles

Today we’re going to have a look at Lost Marbles by developer Binary Takeover. An interesting fusion between a time trial oriented marble race game and a puzzle/platformer, players will have to use their marbles and their special abilities in conjunction with each other to effectively traverse a wide variety of obstacles. A great soundtrack […]

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Bloody Trapland

Today we’re going to have a look at an outstanding and particularly hardcore platformer called Bloody Trapland by developer 2Play Studios. This game has actually already been Greenlit by the community and for good reason, there’s a lot to like here if you’re a fan of games like Super Meat Boy, however, those with a […]

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Today we’re going to check out a really interesting puzzle/platformer by Nifflas’ Games (aka Nicklas Nygren). We’ll travel across many planets in search of parts to fix our ship and repair a teleporter as well as use our camera to take pictures of the environments to help solve puzzles. There’s some great ambiance here as […]

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Windosill by developer Vectorpark is a beautiful, surreal, playful, and overall whimsical puzzle game. The premise is simple, unlock the door to each area and drive the toy car through – in order to open the door though you’ll have to figure out a pattern or way to interact with the scene to cause the […]

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Cardinal Quest II (Beta)

Today on Indie Impressions we have a rare guest appearance by friend of the channel Rob a.k.a AlpacaPatrol! Cardinal Quest II is an upcoming rogue-like-like by developer Randomnine. The premise is not all that different from what you might expect from a procedurally generated RPG but everything is remarkably streamlined and generally quite accessible. There’s […]

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