Tempus Fugit

A short but very interesting abstract first-person horror game. Tempus Fugit or “Time Flies” by developer Shrimpcave was designed for game dev competition “Asylum Jam” and casts players into a strange and surreal labyrinth where they are being hunted by an unknown force. When time slows down, you’re in trouble… can you figure out to survive this mysterious enemy? Try Tempus Fugit for free at the link below or click through to find download links as well!

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One Response to “Tempus Fugit”

  1. burgergamer October 13, 2013 at 8:04 pm #

    the website explains that the time slowing business is the result of an invisible monster following you. As the monster gets closer, time gets slower. By watching the trajectory of the balls you throw, you can see if it slows down, helping you figure out the location of the monster.
    I don’t like the way that EVERY fan slows down when the monster gets close, however. It kind of breaks the rule considering that everything else that slows down does so when it close to the monster, not when the player comes close to the monster.

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