Everybody has to start somewhere. You’re probably wondering how to get the most out of the site now that you’re here? Well, let’s go through a step-by-step of getting you set up and making sure you have the best possible experience since you were kind enough to visit. This is intended to be more informational than anything, so feel free to just skim around or refer back if you get confused about a feature.

  1. Register for an account from the home page. It’s very simple and only takes a couple clicks… you’ll just need to enter an email and make up a user name. After you submit, you’ll receive your password at the e-mail you’ve provided. I promise not to give your info to anyone at all, ever. Once you have your password, you may log-in to the site via the home page. You’ll want to change your password to something a bit less random now.
  2. At this point you’ll be ready to start looking around… I’ve done my best to fill the site with great content, so you can start by clicking the “Indie Impressions” button on the top right of the page. This will bring up all the entries I’ve made for the series to date in descending order from newest to oldest. If you’d rather browse by different rules, I’ve got you covered… you can use the Indie Impressions drop-down menu to sort by distribution method, or use the “tags” tab in the box in the sidebar. Looking through the tags, you’ll notice a ton of different genres and attributes you can check out to discover new games.
  3. You may have noticed a box in the sidebar talking about “Pixels.” Pixels or “Px.” are your rewards for spending time here on the site and interacting with the community. Every 12 hours you can get another 2 by logging in. You can also get more by leaving meaningful comments on videos, 1 per post (but don’t think about spamming every video with nonsense, I will moderate you and you’ll get nothing). Also, you must have your first comment approved by a moderator before it will appear. After that though, you may comment freely. What is the point of accumulating pixels? Well, for now the answer is two fold. 1- You’ll increase your user rank at given intervals (like levels in an RPG) while competing with others for a spot on the home page top 10 (which may yield some mystery benefits in itself), and 2- You may redeem pixels toward actual prizes in the Pixel Shop (in the forums). Things like game giveaway raffle tickets, games themselves, or other great stuff – so accumulate them like mad and be proud. There may even be times where you can earn bonus pixels… so keep your eyes and ears open!
  4. Check out the “Blog“. From time to time I will post a new article about whatever I think is worth talking about at the time. It will show up here for your perusal.
  5. Feel free to visit the Forums. The heart of the Indie Impressions community – if you would like to get to know me and your fellow indie fans, the forums will be the place to be. You are able to post on a wide range of topics about the show, the industry, art, philosophy, or just video games in general (and yes I’m open to suggestions about new categories).
  6. Have a look at the rolling “Top 10“. I have assembled my favorite 10 indie games that have been covered on the show. They will be displayed here in no particular order in part because the goal of the site is not so much to rank games against each other, but just highlight and feature various favorites. This is also one reason I choose not to apply review scores (and also the fact that I often only play the beginning of most of the games I feature). If a new game comes along that I find edges out one of the ones in the top 10, I will add replace it with the new one so you can always find 10 great choices by visiting this spot.
  7. Connect with me and others. Here is where you can sent me a direct message, check out some amazing Fan Art, or visit some of my partners and/or friends of the site to find more great content similar to my own – or maybe find a different perspective on a game I’ve covered.
  8. Become a Donor and help me keep the project going. I certainly don’t expect everyone who visits to go to such a length to show their appreciation, but for those who do, you have my deep and sincere thanks. Donations will help go toward paying for expenses like hosting, buying new games to cover on the show, possibly new equipment (like another hard drive – those 500+MB videos can add up fast), and maybe to help me buy a food on occasion if I’m lucky. :P Donors will be recognized (if they choose to be) on the home page “Donor Wall” and again on the “Friends” page. There’s no better way to say you love what I’m doing than to send a few dollars my way, but no pressure, I do this because I love to first and foremost.